The Dance of Opposites

When light spoke

Darkness went silent

And stood aside

For light to shine

When light danced

Darkness seized all movement

And stopped in its tracks

And made a way for light

When light shone

Darkness hid

Out of sight

But right by its edges

And soon light saw

That darkness

Was nothing but

Its own unconquered space

Nothing but

The places it did not travel to

Nothing but

Its undiscovered Self

A Self which hides

And then seeks

Not yet knowing that

That which seeks

And that which is sought

Are one and the same

It blossoms instead

What a miracle, to hang by a thread..

You’d think it would wither, but It blossoms instead.

It lives and It breathes and It moves and It feels!

And reveals Itself through what It conceals.

It would rather come forward than hide in the dark

But It knows that Its splendor would leave such a mark

That its very own eyes would not dare look Its way

For how could a verse contain the whole play?

So it… plays and it runs and it stumbles

And falls

And it seeks with such ardour and follows such goals

And it thinks that it’s found IT

But then seeks again

And when it’s done searching

It’s already there.