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The Dance of Opposites

When light spoke Darkness went silent And stood aside For light to shine When light danced Darkness seized all movement And stopped in its tracks And made a way for light When light shone Darkness hid Out of sight But right by its edges And soon light saw That darkness Was nothing but Its own […]

It blossoms instead

What a miracle, to hang by a thread.. You’d think it would wither, but It blossoms instead. It lives and It breathes and It moves and It feels! And reveals Itself through what It conceals. It would rather come forward than hide in the dark But It knows that Its splendor would leave such a […]

Fear vs. Resistance. The Vortex.

I have often seen the words fear and resistance being used interchangeably. I don’t believe they are one and the same thing. Often we use words that are slight variations of each other for nuance, but I don’t think this is the case either with these two. I think the distinction is as follows: Fear […]


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